Custom Engagement & Wedding Rings


Engagement rings and wedding bands can often be difficult to pick out of a line up of......well, many.  That's why we aim to help you create the design of your dreams while keeping within budget.  We listen closely to what your priorities are and work from there, step by step, until you have THE ring.

We have designed within the confines of what is considered ' traditional styles' of engagement rings and wedding bands (solitaire, eternity, halo etc) and we have ventured into the lands of Zelda, Halo, luxury and sport cars, comic book heroes, and so much more to create unique and truly one of a kind custom rings.

Your reasons for including certain custom details into these rings are of paramount importance to us and we do our best to listen closely to what you have to say and what is important to you. Engagement rings and wedding bands hold incredible symbolism and lifelong meaning and it is our job to help you bring all of this out in the design of these rings.


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