Our Custom Process

How it works, in 5 easy steps

Getting a quote is absolutely free - click here to get started! 

Working with us at Chris & Alix makes the process of getting a custom piece of jewelry made, as hassle free as possible.  No more need to set up an appointment in a stuffy showroom half way across town.   All you need to do is call or send us an email with your custom jewelry request.

With the convenience of email and the ability to send 3D designs through the web, we are able to send you design ideas and quotes without you having to move.  No need to be a skilled sketch artist, send us a doodle or an image you like.  Send us a few details about what your special project is for.  Browse our online gallery to get inspired.  Getting a custom piece of jewelry made has never been this easy!

5 Basic Steps to Custom Jewelry

Step 1: Send us your idea

Please send us a written description or image of what you would like made.  Send us as much information as possible including your preferred budget. If you are unsure- that is ok- we will help create your design and work through budget options with you.

Example: Hi. I'm looking to have a custom ring made for my girlfriend, it's a promise ring before an engagement ring.  She is very simple and doesn't like edges, or anything that could catch on stuff, and nothing too wide, but not too thin either. I was thinking of a two roads cross ring or an infinity ring.  I'm unsure whether I would like to incorporate our birthstones or use a mix of metals. Here's an image that I found online, something along these lines. 


Step 2: We send you a design image and quote

Using our design program, we are able to send you 3D design images of what your jewelry piece could look like as well as quote options.               



Step 3: Review the design 

Please review the images and quotes.
You are welcome to make any changes
to the design that you like. We will make
the changes and send you revised images
and quotes.
Step 4: We make your custom jewelry
Once the design has been finalized, we will send you an official proposal.  Projects generally take 3-5 weeks to complete.
We make a point of updating you on the progress of your custom piece throughout the process so that you can see the project come together. We send you pictures of the wax model, gemstones, chain options and any other component of your custom design.                                                   
Step 5: We ship it out to you!

We ship internationally.   All shipments are made with a tracking number and insurance.     Within Canada and the US we ship with FedEx, unless otherwise requested.