About Us

Hi we are Chris and Alix.  We’ve both always loved creating and building things with our hands but our true passion lies in connecting with people.    We started our jewelry journey 17 years ago making one-of-a-kind pieces for family and friends.   The requests multiplied and grew into the company Chris & Alix that you know today.

We are committed to offering you a truly unique one-on -one service where you feel you are a part of every step.  We love having the opportunity to hear your stories and the reasons behind why you are getting your special piece made.  It drives us to truly get you what you want. 

From engagement rings to sentimental pendants and cuff links. No matter how "out of the box" your idea- we will commit to doing our utmost to making you what you are searching for.

We look forward to connecting with you and to hearing your story!