Hi, we’re Chris & Alix!

We know the power that jewelry holds when you need to express your feelings for someone.  And in the past twenty years of designing and creating meaningful jewelry, our mission has remained the same: to put you, the gifter, fully in control of the amazing gesture you’re ready to make.

We started our first jewelry business in 1998, making one-of-a-kind beaded pieces.  By this point, we had already fallen in love with our ability to be creative while making things that people actually wanted to wear.  And as our customers tasked us with designing more challenging and intricate custom elements, representing deeper meanings and feelings, our business started to become what it is today. 

When we started Chris & Alix in 2008, our custom fine jewelry captured the attention of In Style Magazine and the local press in Montreal.  We were invited to showcase our jewelry at a Golden Globes gifting lounge and later worked with Oscar-winning costume designer Eiko Ishioka creating beaded embellishments for the movie The Immortals.  We were also asked to design a necklace and earring set for Sharon Johnston, wife of the Canadian Governor General, when she attended the Royal Wedding in 2011.  And when we joined the online marketplace CustomMade the same year, we became one of the highest-ranked custom fine jewelers.

After so many years in our trade, we’ve seen first-hand how the jewelry industry can make you feel: confused, belittled and misunderstood.  That’s why we’ve chosen to do things differently. We believe in being completely transparent. This means listening to your needs and giving you all of the available options instead of trying to push certain products or styles.  It means sharing everything we know with you so that you feel truly in control of the decision you’re making.  Our experience has taught us that jewelry is not black and white – the best choice depends on your needs, values and tastes.

And this is why, in 2018, we're focusing our business on providing jewelry buyers with the most comprehensive, clear and honest information possible.  There are only so many clients to which we can offer our one-to-one custom service, but we know that by transferring our knowledge and expertise through podcasts and feature articles we can help even more people to give special gifts and make unforgettable proposals.  When our podcast launches mid-2018, it will be our first step towards debunking false myths, cutting through the marketing hype and creating the truest jewelry resource out there.