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2015 Trends


Minimalist-inspired jewels, mixed-and-matched stud earrings and blue gemstones dominated 2014, and we can now lay out our fashion forecasts for 2015.

Jewelry trends are predicted based on market movements, metal prices, consumer habits, and what is exhibited on fashion runways and the red carpet. Here is a list of six trends that we expect to be at the forefront of jewelry wearing in 2015.


1960s and 1970s motifs

Fashion runways for the coming spring are leaning heavily on these two decades for inspiration, so complementary accessories are going to be extremely fashionable this year. Bohemian motifs such as owls, beads, feathers, and fringe, or stylized geometric forms like zigzags or circles, are expected to have a strong influence this year's jewelry.


Yellow gold

The sunny metal came back strong in 2014, and with its price having dropped 33 per cent over two years it is expected to continue its resurgence this year. High-profile bride Lauren Conrad's engagement ring was set on a yellow gold band ahead of her wedding to Blake Lively, showing that not every engagement ring has to be set on white gold or platinum.

The impact of both yellow and rose gold on the bridal industry will continue in 2015, with both providing an attractive contrast between the diamond or stones featured in rings. It also greatly complements the 1960s and 70s theme mentioned above.


Layering necklaces, bracelets and rings

People are becoming more confident about mixing and matching their jewelry, and as such layering necklaces that ordinarily wouldn’t go together is becoming commonplace. With spring about to hit, jewellers are making sure they are prepared and have a healthy selection of necklaces on hand. These pieces can be multi-strands or singles layered with others.

 High-end designers Ole Lynggaard and Tamara Comolli have also embraced leather wrap bracelets with dangling charms, a look that is set to have widespread appeal this year. And layered looks will also be popular on the hand, with stacked rings including cabochons cuts of gemstones, pavé, tiny motifs, and simple metal-intense designs. Big rings are set to be replaced with several smaller, slimmer pieces.


Purple, pink, and red shades

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Marsala, but prettier and more vibrant cousins of the muddy red colour are expected to be widely worn in 2015. Marsala's slightly drab red hue is expected to give way to softer pinks and lavenders when it comes to stone choices this year – and this colour blocking concept, making coloured gemstones central to a piece and using them to create shape and form, will be a trend in its own right this year.


Statement necklaces

Varied earring styles were hugely popular in 2014, but necklaces are expected to take that must-have spot in 2015. Bibs, chokers, and long and short pendants will have widespread appeal, with some pieces being ideal for layering and gifting, while others will simply make a strong outfit statement. Lorde was one celebrity who exhibited a bold statement necklace at the Golden Globes this year.


Coloured and shaped diamonds

Advertising campaigns by major firms are continuing to drive interest in coloured diamonds, both natural and treated.

We can also expect to see more people opting for diamonds with unique cuts, such as emerald, cushion and princess cut diamonds. Around 75 per cent of all diamonds sold today are round, but 'fancy' cuts can influence the way a diamond sparkles. Celebrities all over Hollywood are beginning to opt for more of this, such as Hilary Duff who recently exhibited a radiant cut engagement ring.



The forthcoming year's mix-and-match trends will build upon last year, and provide more examples of traditional fashion rules being thrown aside as people become more confident experimenting with their jewelry.