R2D2 ring proves jewelry can be sweeter second time around

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If your wedding band just doesn’t feel right, even years after your wedding day, there’s no need to panic it might just be time to change it.

Star Wars fanatic Stephanie set a bold example to anyone feeling stuck with jewelry that’s lost its charm, ditching her wedding band for something from a galaxy far, far away. The R2D2 ring she now wears proudly is more than just an adorable nod to her favourite droid – it’s also a strong symbol of who she is and what she loves.

“She’s always been a huge fan of Star Wars,” explained her husband Kevin.

“And after we got married we weren’t incredibly happy with the wedding band. It was really nothing special. I figured that because Stephanie is special she deserved something better.”

Kevin, originally from Toronto, said he’d always been a big fan of jewelry and gemstones. And he knew exactly where to look after the Montreal-based couple decided to replace Stephanie’s original band.

“I knew it was fairly common to have things commissioned online, and we were looking for someone local to do it. That’s when we found Chris & Alix.”

Kevin said it took around 50 emails over the course of several months to refine Stephanie’s dream ring, which took some twists and turns in its journey.

“At first we had a totally different design but we decided at the last second to change it,” Kevin recalled. “Stephanie preferred something that stood out less.

R2D2 is her favourite character and I’d looked online for different examples of R2D2 rings. The design we went with was based on another we found and decided to change a little. It was perfect how everything came together. It was all done by email and we got to see images of the ring throughout the process.”

The ring was created in white gold with enamel and stones – and it was only when it actually arrived that its intricate beauty became apparent.

“Stephanie was thrilled,” Kevin said. “The pictures really didn’t do it justice.

“We’re so impressed because it’s just subtle enough that if you’re not a fan of Star Wars you probably wouldn’t know what it is. It’s exactly what she wanted.”

The couple have been together for three years and married for almost two. We’re so glad we’ve been able to give Stephanie a ring that really shows her personality and we wish them both all the best!


(Wedding photo: "Johnathan Ball, The Westend Studio" thewestendstudio.com / Comic book drawing: Timothy Park ergomancy.com)

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