Lucky for some: jewelry and its age-old superstitions

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Lucky charms come in all shapes and sizes, and can really be anything you can think of.

Throughout history we've seen horseshoes, wishbones and four-leaf cleavers celebrated as universal symbols of good luck - and yet, ask your neighbour, and they probably have a superstitious tale or two involving the last object you'd ever think of.

When we read about the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada launching a wishbone jewelry collection as a symbol of hope and motivation for children and their families, it reminded us that superstition has been embedded in metal and stone for thousands of years. As it says in the article, wishes are 'an ageless concept', and it was a wonderful idea to create a wishbone-themed necklace and earrings that would not only raise much-needed funds for the foundation but also offer children a little bit of magic.

The examples of 'lucky' jewelry are almost endless. Many people wear crosses believing it brings them closer to God, and the whole concept of an engagement ring is to symbolize the binding of two people and the prosperity of a relationship.

So it's not surprising that many customers come to us with superstition in mind when they work with us to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. In the two examples pictured, customers wanted the horseshoe symbol incorporated into a pendant and a bracelet. The bracelet was made for a woman who loved horses, but was having a really bad year - she asked for the horseshoe motif to be subtle, but prominent enough to bring her good luck and express her love of horses. The pendant was a good luck charm we created with a man in the US army, who wanted to send home a good luck charm to his girlfriend at Christmas. Her birthstones are incorporated into the sterling silver charm.

Gemstones are said to be more powerful when they're gifted to someone. And to celebrate this theme of good luck - and to inspire you with your own custom jewelry ideas - we've dug out five examples of jewelry ideas and gemstones that have been said in myth and folklore to bring good luck to those who wear them! 

1. Stars for the go-getter

Stars are worn by people who seek a confidence boost or have aspirations to improve. Maybe they're facing a tough job interview or an audition. But as long as the star is close by, they feel less nervous and more supported in achieving their dreams.


2. Blue sapphire for the artist

Blue sapphire is associated with imagination, creativity and intuition. Some artists and musicians wear the stone, believing that it promotes deep thinking and channels their creativity in the right ways.


3. Bloodstone for the athlete

This powerful healing stone is said to purify and detoxify the body, grounding negative energy and cleansing your body’s energy. It has become a choice for superstitious athletes or others whose jobs include a lot of physical activity.


4. Citrine for the entrepreneur

Sparkling yellow citrine is sometimes called The Merchant's Stone for its reputation in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Many businesspeople wear lucky amulets and rings, hoping for prosperity and success.


5. Diamonds (not pearls) for the bride

One of the more famous superstitions arising in medieval times, people believe that pearls are unlucky on your wedding day because they represent tears. Diamonds, however, have always been considered great luck, with the power to drive away witches and keep the wearer mentally stable.




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