Comic book promise ring shows Marilou is Marc-André's Wonder Woman

July 11, 2015

Comic book promise ring shows Marilou is Marc-André's Wonder Woman

It might not boast any super powers of its own, but Marilou's Wonder Woman ring is a bold symbol of feminine strength, agility and endurance.

As well as being just the kind of bling a comic book geek would die for, the promise ring we created for Marilou is a powerful symbol of commitment to her boyfriend Marc-André – who is yet to decide on which iconic superhero to base his matching ring.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a love of comic books that brought the couple together. It was only after they'd become an item that their shared passion for the DC back catalog and brilliant Marvel Universe began to flourish.

“It wasn't something we really liked at first,” recalled Marilou.

“Our passion for comic books actually began when we started to go out together. Marc-André bought some comic books and it grew from there. He really likes the film and TV shows, while I'm more into the art and the stories.”

The ring we created is based on Wonder Woman's tiara, which is a symbol of her nobility and is used as a ranged attack weapon in some of the comics. It's an emblem that really resonates with the Montreal-based couple.

“We like her because she's a strong woman – it represents how we feel,” explained Marilou, who is currently planning a Wonder Woman cosplay.

“We actually found the ring design online, and Marc-André contacted Chris & Alix to ask if they could create it within our budget. We wanted a custom ring because we knew it would fit our personality better. It would be more personal, and we'd be sure to like it.”

The original design the couple brought to us used ruby as the star in the tiara, but we recommended using enamel in order to bring down the cost – and the resulting ring was an instant hit.

“It's even better than we had hoped for,” said Marilou. “We love it!”

Marilou said the couple will come to us to create Marc-André's ring, once they've decided on the perfect design.

Their story is a great example of how custom jewelry can be used to replicate an existing idea on just about any budget. We're really looking forward to creating another matching ring, using our fun and artistic passion to help them enjoy theirs!

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