There's no place like home – and jewelry lets you take it everywhere

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Wherever you are in North America, it's a very patriotic time of year.

Quebecers lined the streets to celebrate their vibrant heritage last Wednesday, and all Canadians will celebrate their country's birthday this coming Wednesday. Then next Saturday, Americans will unite to celebrate the Declaration of Independence which began to make the U.S.A. what it is today.

It's somewhat coincidental that these huge national occasions each fall within 10 days of each other, and they're really just three examples of a concept that's celebrated the world over – home, and what it means to be from somewhere. In an age where travel has become more accessible, location means more to us than ever. Sometimes we develop strong connections to the places we visit, while other times the weeks and months we spend in other places make us better appreciate our roots.


With clothing and accessories being such huge statements of personal expression, it's natural that symbols of place – such as flags, crests and iconic landmasses – find their way onto the jewelry that we wear. And it's a concept that's always been around.  

In the US, the stars and stripes of the American flag have always been the most popular patriotic symbols. Following the Second World War, patriotic jewelry was really in fashion as women began to wear their newfound freedom. Lady Liberty and the American Eagle began to make a lot of appearances on pieces of jewelry, as well as the traditional flag. Following the tragic events of September 11, Americans were as anxious as ever to show that their national pride could not be diminished, and they proudly boasted patriotic symbols on glistening pendants around their necks.

Doing what we do, the concept of home comes up time and time again when customers come to us with exciting jewelry projects. Sometimes they've been themed on shapes, such as the boundaries of Texas, Vermont and St Martin island. Other times it's about historical symbols, such as Montreal's rosette.

Wherever you are in the world, custom jewelry allows you to wear with pride that small piece of home – or of another place that means something special to you.

If you think location-themed jewelry is for you, or would make a great gift, please contact us and we'll help you create something beautiful!

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