Sarah's colorful pendant has room to grow – just like her family

June 05, 2015

Sarah's colorful pendant has room to grow – just like her family

They say family is like the branches of a tree – we all grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.

The excitement of Sarah Vestby's growing family is something she can now proudly wear on a weekly basis, thanks to this beautifully thoughtful gift from a friend. And it's no ordinary pendant – it represents the future as much as the past and present, with space to grow as her family does.

Sarah has a particular fondness for birthdays, and it's easy to see why the occasions are so ceremonious for her. Her first son Abel was perhaps the greatest birthday present she could ever have received, and it was just the beginning of a lifelong shared birthday every year on January 8. May is another joyous month for the family, hosting the birthdays of both her husband Ryan and second son Elias.

That's why the colorful pendant bears the birthstones garnet and emerald – and there's even space for another stone!

Sarah, who lives just outside Edmonton, received the pendant in the mail, along with a note explaining the choice of stones.

She said: “I was so surprised, because I wasn't expecting it. I absolutely love it. I really like birthdays, and this gift is very special to me. My friend joked that she'd left a space for our next!

“What makes the pendant more special is that I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I really feel it when I'm wearing it, and I also get a lot of comments from others who aren't used to seeing me wear jewelry, so it's great that it has such a nice story behind it.”

Sarah said she was looking forward to adding another stone – and said the surprise had inspired her to consider custom jewelry gifts of her own in the future.

Once again, it shows the endless possibilities of personalized designs and how you can bring a family concept together into one tasteful pendant.

We wish Sarah and her growing family all the best!

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