Sports car milestone inspired these beautiful silver cuff links

April 26, 2015

Sports car milestone inspired these beautiful silver cuff links

The creative possibilities of custom jewelry are endless – and Australian couple Lisa and John have set a great example when it comes to truly unique commemoration.

John's Audi TT is his pride and joy. But while it's not uncommon for men to have a strong connection to their cars, John's is particularly special because it was one of the first TTs ever to be introduced to Australia back in 1998. How's that for trend-setting?!

“Yes, he still has the car,” said Lisa, responding to a very silly question. “He'll never get rid of the car.”

So it's easy to see where the inspiration for these Audi-themed cuff links came from – and they would go on to be the perfect gift for John to commemorate the couple's 25th wedding anniversary.

“When Audi launched in Australia, the petrol cap was iconic,” Lisa said, explaining the design of the cuff links. “It was the main design feature, showing a new start for Audi. They'd got rid of the plastic, and everything in the car was now metal."

Unlike many of our customers though, Lisa knew exactly what she wanted which made her even more anxious about finding the right people for the job.

“I knew exactly how I wanted the cuff links to look, and John is very picky," she explained. "So I wanted someone I felt I could trust. I found Chris & Alix online and liked their approach very much.”

Lisa discussed the design with Chris & Alix over email, and the result was a pair of beautiful silver cuff links, ready to be shipped to Australia.

“It was nerve-wracking because not only did I care so much about the design, but they were getting shipped across the world,” recalled Lisa. “But the communication was very good and the process was very straight-forward. I could tell from the images they sent that everything had been done right.

“I surprised John with the cuff links on the night of our anniversary, and he was absolutely knocked about when he saw them. He loves them. We're so thankful to Chris & Alix for doing such a great job.”

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