Mother's Day: say thank you with some beautiful custom jewelry that's just for mom

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Could we say that Mother's Day is one of our most important celebrations?

It's difficult to think of a more thankless job than motherhood. Far beyond the practicalities of giving birth and raising us, our moms make us who we are and continue to inspire us for the rest of our lives.

The fact that she doesn't ask for reward shows the true commitment of a self-sacrificing mother. But while there's never a bad time to show mom what she means to you, it's great that we have Mother's Day to remind us of the incredible work that moms put in everywhere.

Jewelry is the most popular choice of gift for Mother's Day  and custom jewelry gives you an opportunity to create a gift that she can not only wear all the time, but that is totally unique to her.

We shared with you last year the joy our customer Amanda Hoffman had designing with us a camera flash pendant for her mom. Created to represent her mom's admirable work as a photographer, the gift instantly reduced her to tears.

And Amanda is just one of many people who come to us all year round looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for mom.


Take a look at some of these other inspiring gifts we created:


A dad had us make this ring for his wife, bearing her two children's names

This pendant was also ordered by a dad for his wife, and features her birthstone in the center

This aquamarine ring was ordered by a daughter for her mom, again with her birthstone as the centerpiece

This 'protection' pendant was made by woman for her friend and a first time mom. The stone resembles her daughter's birth month, and the mom will wear it until the daughter is old enough to wear it herself.

This pendant was made by a daughter for her mom's birthday, and it bears words, numbers and other references that mean something to the two of them.



Got some ideas for a gift that would mean the world to your mom?

Even if you haven't but you think custom jewelry is the right way to go, please contact us and we'll help you create the perfect Mother's Day gift!


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We're running a Mother's Day contest right now – find out how you could win a necklace for your mom just by writing a tweet!

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