'Puzzle piece' rings were the perfect fit for Lauren and Chemda

March 22, 2015

'Puzzle piece' rings were the perfect fit for Lauren and Chemda

They say relationships should complement our identities, not define them.

This is certainly the position Chemda and her partner Lauren found themselves in – totally in love, and embracing the fact that they fit together like puzzle pieces rather than connecting over a likeness.

So when Lauren approached Chris & Alix to create 'puzzle piece' engagement and wedding bands, it was because this concept was something they felt was at the very heart of their relationship and should decorate both their engagement and their wedding.

“Lauren and I are not the same,” explained Chemda. “Like everyone else, we don't have everything in common. But we are lucky that our similarities and differences fit so well with each other.

“We call each other our puzzle pieces. We don't really like terms like 'soulmate', because we don't match – we complement.”

Chris & Alix created two rings – one for Lauren, with two extra 'pieces', and one for Chemda, which was designed to fit snugly into Lauren's. But the fitting rings were just part of the story as the New York City couple prepared for their wedding.

“We wore each other's rings since the engagement a year and a half ago,” said Chemda. “During that time we got to feel the weight, beauty, and sensation of the other person's ring while embedding our own experiences of joy, pain, excitement, anticipation, and all the moments, whether with each other, other people, or alone.”

When the couple got married on the island of Maui last month they swapped rings, revealing personal engravings that they'd done for each other.

Chemda had engraved Lauren's ring with 'Time After Time', which she said was their song. Lauren chose the engraving 'I See You' for Chemda, which was something they would say to each other early in their relationship to acknowledge the fact that they couldn't find specific words to express their emotions towards each other.

“The whole engagement was magical,” recalled Chemda. “It was the best engagement I could never have imagined having.

“The rings are incredible and couldn't have catered more to our personalities. There are no others like it.”

Lauren, who spent around two years planning his proposal, said the design and build process was a great experience.

“I looked at Chris & Alix's jewelry and projects and compared them to the others,” he said.

“I just loved how funky and daring they were with their work. They wouldn't be afraid to make something out-of -the-ordinary. And they seemed genuinely interested in my idea.

“The experience was awesome. They allowed me to make little changes here and there during the design process and sent me beautiful 3D mock-ups along the way. When the rings were done they sent me pics of the final product, which was perfect.”

We wish Lauren and Chemda all the best!


Top photograph: Eric Korenman (candlepinstudio.com)

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