Cody-Anna's gift is the perfect shark tooth necklace – and this one's built to last

February 16, 2015

Cody-Anna's gift is the perfect shark tooth necklace – and this one's built to last

When a piece of jewelry becomes damaged beyond repair, it can range from frustrating to heartbreaking.

Cody-Anna Orlando and her boyfriend Rowan would probably laugh at that introduction – but Rowan would also admit that when the shark tooth necklace he found during a trip away in Maine fell apart, he was still pretty disappointed. He was delighted to have found what he was looking for, and had probably grown more attached to it than he realized in the matter of days before it broke.

“We were determined to find the perfect shark tooth necklace, and Rowan was super happy when we found it,” Cody-Anna recalled. “But it was short-lived. The shark tooth broke in two about a week later, once we had arrived back home in Montreal.”

With Christmas approaching, Cody-Anna had a novel idea for the perfect gift – she would get him another shark tooth, one that would last the test of time. But she was put off by some of the jewellers she found offering custom made pieces.

“I found some jewellers that had been around for a long time, but they were quite intimidating and I didn't really know what I was getting myself into,” she said. “That's when I started Googling for options, and I liked what I saw of Chris & Alix.

“I liked the fact that I was able to find out the price right away. Especially when you're having something made in gold or silver price is always on your mind, and I really had no idea if it was going to cost me $20 or $1,000.”

Cody-Anna begun discussing her options with Chris & Alix, and they came back to her with five or six different designs for her to choose from.

“The longest part of the process was figuring out the design,” she said. “I wasn't sure if I wanted a classic shark tooth or something more modern, and whether or not I wanted two tones of gold. We ended up going for something more modern in yellow gold.”

And the resulting weighty golden shark tooth necklace was a real hit with Rowan on Christmas Day.

“He was so happy,” Cody-Anna recalled. “It was exactly what he wanted. He liked the weight of the shark tooth. It has some real weight to it, but it's on a small chain so it's not obnoxious.

“It was a great experience because Chris & Alix were very clear about what my options were and what each one was cost. The one we found in Maine was nothing fancy, but it was my gift to him and we're really pleased to have got something longer lasting.”

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