Valentine's Day: how it's shaping up for this year's lovers

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Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and for several weeks now we've been seen familiar colors, flowers, cards and gifts lining the stores.

But although we probably associate reds and pinks with expressions of love, the Valentine's Day palette has actually changed quite dramatically over the decades. Shades of red have been fairly consistent since the advent of the tradition in the 17th century, but an interesting study of Hallmark's printed cards has shown colors to have varied in hue and vibrancy, often reflecting social or political changes.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, for example, Valentine's Day colors were quite muted and sallow, including beiges and gray-greens, while in the 70s disco era it was all about vibrant pinks.

This year's color of the year, marsala, is arguably perfect for Valentine's Day. Deep-red roses are reminiscent of marsala's earthy tones, and the color is bound to feature on cards and perhaps gifts of jewelry that will be given and received on Saturday.

An estimated $4.8bn will be spent on jewelry in the USA ahead of this year's Valentine's Day, and just over one in five people are expected to buy jewelry as a gift. Statement necklaces and gold rings, as well as traditional heart necklaces, are expected to be popular choices for loved-up couples – and the pendant pictured is an example of jewelry that we've made previously for the occasion.

Another thing to note is that there are a lot of sweet teeth out there – did you know more than half of people will be buying candy for Valentine's Day this year?

The great thing about this year's Valentine's Day is that it's on a Saturday. The restaurants will still be chock full of lovers, but at least most of you won't have had to work during the day. And we knowValentine's Day isn't for everyone – so however you decide to spend it, even if it's lying in bed with pizza watching Friends, we hope you have a truly great day!

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