Chris & Alix review of the year: our highlights of 2014

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With nostalgic Christmas songs, office parties and lots of family time to enjoy, there's no doubt that this is a very celebratory time of year.

And as we move into our fifth year, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the records we've broken and intimate stories that we've helped bring to life through jewelry in 2014.

Love was in the air this year, as we worked on a huge number of engagement and wedding rings, anniversary rings, and other pieces that were all about family and loved ones. From Jose and Michele's honey bee ring, symbolizing a 'dream come true' between the two of them, to the white gold ring that Chris revealed for Stephanie at Buckingham Fountain, in Chicago, these projects were not only expressions of love but showed an intimate connection and wonderful knowledge of each other's personalities.

A beautifully unique piglet ring and other engagement pieces that reflected international cultures were also within our portfolio this year. Mikaela and Matthew came back to us to create a wedding band that helped us set a new personal record of 37 wedding bands created this year – each and every one with its own story to tell.

We also met a lot of passion for buying locally this year, with many people asking for Canadian stones – diamonds as well as others – and some who chose us because they were keen to have their jewelry made in Montreal.


And it wasn't just rings that defined our 2014. We also got creative with pendants, including one themed on the Taurus starsign and another themed on Koh-Lanta.

The concept of telling stories through jewelry is what makes our work so interesting and fun – and we were delighted to see others showing the same joy and enthusiasm in the fall-themed photo contest we ran towards the end of the year. We're hugely thankful to those who have put their trust in us to create meaningful jewelry for them, and we can't wait to see what next year brings.

So love stories reigned in 2014 – but the possibilities are endless with custom jewelry, and with the stories we might be told in future.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year from all of us!

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