The secret renaissance: why lockets are coming back into fashion

Posted by Alexandra Scherzer on

Jewelry doesn't have to be about making a statement.

The most enthralling and weathering of stories can lay beneath a diamond's gleaming surface, known only to the wearer – closely guarded secrets in an increasingly transparent, share-crazy world.

And as statement necklaces and oversized hoops show no signs of giving up their place at the forefront of today's fashion, the coy charm of the locket seems to be going through a bit of a renaissance – or is that a revolution? Whatever it is, it doesn't think everyone needs to know about it.

Lockets, amulets and box rings are all said to be coming back into fashion, and it's probably because we never really lost our affection for secret compartments. Originally popular as a means of commemorating death in the 1800s, elaborate lockets contained arrangements of hair, fabric remnants, tiny photographs and illustrations. They were often made in jet and gold, and were engraved and set with precious stones.

It wasn't just mementos that were locked up in people's jewelry – box rings during the European Renaissance were used to carry everything from solid perfume to poison.

And today, we find people coming to us wishing to wrap up their secrets in all kinds of ways. As well as lockets, such as the one pictured, we often do engravings inside wedding bands and engagement rings, or set tiny stones inside bands which only the wearer knows are there.

This 'secret' engraving of wedding bands sometimes results in two designs which may not match on the outside, but have their special connection on the inside. In many cases, only the couple knows that the engravings are there and feels this connection between their rings. Our co-founder Alix and her husband Pablo have this kind of engraving inside their wedding bands (pictured).

So you just don't know what might lie behind someone's shiny wedding band – and therein lies the real beauty and complexity of custom jewelry. It can be an outward statement we want to tell the world, a secret we keep close to our heart, or both.

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but remember too that the book itself can mean more than you know.

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