Chris & Alix fall photo contest: we have a winner!

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What a response you all gave us to our fall photo contest!

It's clear the season means more than just falling leaves – to some it's about homely family moments, to others romantic getaways, and yet I'm sure we can all agree that those vibrant reds and oranges are at the heart of our affection.

Our judge Adeline Leonti had the tricky task of picking a winner from a really impressive range of entries. And it was this photo from Kimberly Heintz which really appealed to her photojournalistic roots.

Kimberly told us it features her eldest son and their dog, Lucky, and was taken on one of the many long walks they've taken together during the fall in Winnipeg, Canada.

"Awesome storytelling," said Adeline. "A very nice intimate moment between the little boy and his dog – and beautifully captured in great lighting."

This makes Kimberly the lucky winner of free custom jewelry, either cufflinks, earrings or a pendant.

But we were so impressed with the array of entries that we wanted to give our remaining four finalists a little surprise to thank them for their efforts. Jacky Bennett and Brad Smith, who entered on Facebook, and @sugaredeuphoria and @vintageduck, who entered on Instagram, have each been offered a 25% discount they can use on any order made in 2015.

Thanks again to everyone who entered – and please keep an eye out for our next contest early next year!

Any of the aforementioned winners who have not claimed their prize yet, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will give you the details!

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  • Thank you so much. I am in awe of the beauty of your jewelry and am so excited to wear a Chris & Alix piece!

    Kim Heintz on

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