The Honey Drop Collection: chase your dreams!

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Dreams, positivity and hard work are at the heart of our very first jewelry collection.

And while our days are normally spent bringing the stories of others to life, our Honey Drop Collection we're so proud to introduce was inspired by a story of our own.

In our company's first year, we designed matching custom pendants for each other with the design of a bee, one wing bearing an abstract C and the other an abstract A. The bee symbolized what we had chosen to become at that time – worker bees, or 'busy bees' as our husbands teased us, tirelessly determined to achieve our dreams but also happy and grateful for the opportunity to do what we love. These pendants would serve as a constant reminder of our goals and the hard work we would have to put in if we wanted the business to be a success.



When we made the pendants, we couldn't afford to cast them in gold and set natural diamonds, so we cast them in bronze and plated them in gold, using cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. It's not the ideal way to create a 'gold' pendant, and not surprisingly they have tarnished over time. But we hold to them as much, or perhaps even more than if they were gold with diamonds. They now symbolize the road we've been on and the work we've put in, always keeping our eyes on prize.

With all this in mind, we were particularly excited to make a honey bee custom engagement ring for customer Jose Cazares – it reminded us that however personal our stories might be, sometimes we take the same paths or find inspiration in the same things. We all have dreams and aspirations, and we're hoping that by sharing the Honey Drop Collection with you, you might see within it a piece of yourself, a family member or a friend.

The Honey Drop Collection comes in three choices of gold: white, yellow and rose. And there are custom engraving options as well as stone options so that you can personalize the jewelry just how you like.

We're really excited about launching this collection, so take a look at our store and see which of the pieces speaks to you or might make a great gift this Christmas.

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