Canadian diamond was the perfect piece for Mikaela and Matthew's Swedish wedding

November 12, 2014

Canadian diamond was the perfect piece for Mikaela and Matthew's Swedish wedding

The right ring can be difficult to find – even in the simplest of designs.

This was the case for Swedish-born Mikaela, whose native traditions asked that both her and her Canadian fiancé Matthew exchange relatively plain, gold engagement rings.

Ahead of their wedding in July the couple searched high and low for matching rings, but couldn't find anything that appealed to them in jewelry stores. It was at this point that they decided to pursue custom-made pieces – but Mikaela knew she would need some support in coming up with that perfect design.

The pair approached Chris & Alix, who quickly got moving on the creation of two engagement rings, and a more elaborate, diamond wedding band which was also in line with Swedish custom.

Mikaela, who lives in Montreal, said: “We went to many stores and didn't find anything we liked – but the problem was also that I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted. Chris & Alix were able to help us with that. Alix suggested that I found some examples similar to what I wanted, and from there she started coming up with really nice designs which she sent by email for our feedback.”

Mikaela's wedding band was a slightly more complicated affair – but the custom process meant she could ensure she got just the design she wanted, with styles and patterns consistent to those on the engagement rings. She was determined for the band to be 18-karat and just the right fit, and was pleasantly surprised by the cost.

The result was a beautiful wedding band, with a 4mm Canadian diamond and smaller diamonds to match the patterns on the engagement rings.

Mikaela said: “Our first thoughts when we decided to look into custom jewelry was that it could be quite pricey – but the prices were very decent. They came up with a really good design, and it's got a slight curve which makes it fit perfectly on my finger. I also really like local things, and it felt good to be able to wear something that was made in Canada.”

Mikaela first arrived in Canada in 2003 as an exchange student, and she enjoyed her time so much that she applied to study at Mount Alison University in Sackville, New Brunswick..

It was there that she met fellow student Matthew, originally from Kingston, Ontario.

Having been together for around seven years now, they were keen to make decisions on their jewelry together – and Mikaela explained how her country's traditions influenced how proposals were made.

She said: “Sometimes the man will choose both rings before he proposes, usually simple and matching. But we'd been together for some time and decided we'd choose the rings together. Once we had decided on designs, I left it up to Matthew to pick a date to propose.”


(Wedding photos: Eva Sjöberg)

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