'Honey bee' custom engagement ring makes dreams come true for Jose and Michele

October 30, 2014

'Honey bee' custom engagement ring makes dreams come true for Jose and Michele

When your fiancée's dream ring is simply too expensive, there's no reason to admit defeat there and then.

California man Jose Cazares certainly didn't – despite the fact his girlfriend Michele was clearly fond of a Tiffany & Co. piece with a near six-figure price tag.

Jose was determined to make Michele's dream come true and get her a ring she would really love. 

And he knew that by going custom-made, he could create something within his budget that would not only appeal to her tastes but would also be the only one of its kind – a ring that would reflect their unique story together.

His first hurdle was finding someone with the ambition to work on his project.

“I wanted to buy a traditional ring but I wanted something special for my girl, something unique,” he said. “But right away almost all of the people and businesses I contacted were saying they couldn't do it for my budget, which demoralized me a lot.”

Jose had earlier posted some ideas on CustomMade, and had been waiting eagerly for call-backs.

“So then I got a call from Chris & Alix, who gave me the go-ahead,” he said. “Alix introduced herself by saying she could make it happen, and right away I said this is the person I want to make me the ring.

“Michele likes honey bees and really wanted them on the ring. I asked Alix for something similar to the Tiffany's design, and she said she could work it out. It was never 'let me think about it' or 'it's going to be challenging', she was very positive and said we could do it.

“So after that she started giving me feedback and ideas, and what we managed to create was incredible.”

Chris & Alix created a 'bee' inspired ring with a cubic zirconia as the main stone, and Jose had it engraved with the phrase 'dreams do come true'.

“Me and my girl have had our ups and downs,” said Jose. “It has been a real story between us, from the moment we started dating and when I finally asked her out, to the moment that I decided to make her my wife. There were no surprises when I asked her to marry me, because she knew she was the one. I want to make her dreams come true, and this is the reason behind the engraving on the ring. I made her the ring that she wanted.

“She couldn't believe it. She didn't think it was going to be as large as it was, and her reaction was 'this is amazing'. I was very happy with the whole process.”

Jose and Michele are hoping to get married next year – and we wish them all the best as they live out their dreams together!

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