'Instant messaging' jewelry in fashion this fall

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The idea of wearing jewelry to make a statement is one that has existed for hundreds of years – but it's expected to be taken to a very literal level in a big way this fall.

We're all about communicating our thoughts these days, with social networks and personal blogs continuing to boom in popularity. And 'instant messaging' jewelry, characterized by pendants, charms, rings and bracelets bearing words and statements, has been forecast to be one of the season's biggest trends by the Jewelers of America (JA). Personalized message jewelry is seen as a great way to express individual style, support a cause or tell a story about the person wearing it.

“For centuries, jewelry has been celebrated as an important part of fashion,” said JA spokeswoman Amanda Gizzi. “This season, we are seeing bold colour and whimsical statement jewelry taking centre stage.”

Chris & Alix is certainly no stranger to this concept, having created a range of pieces for its customers that have contained graffiti tags, initials, nicknames and even mathematical equations. One doting father ordered a pendant from us bearing the words “baby steps” as a gift to his daughter, to help encourage her through a rough spell.

Here at Chris & Alix, we believe enamel is a great way of adding colour – it's very popular for cufflinks and branded or logo jewelry, such as a company pendant or pin. Being able to get the exact colour you want is a great strength of enamel, and in some cases it can be used instead of using small stones. It's a trend that can be seen in everything ranging from playful statement charms to more sophisticated gemstone pieces. 

Other seasonal trends to look out for include the use of enamel to add colour and pattern to jewelry designs, abstract minimalism, movement jewelry and bold three-dimensional patterns.

Jewelry featuring tanzanite, a purple-blue and increasingly rare gemstone, has also been labelled a must-have for the fall. Tanzanite shows off its 'icy purple' best when mixed with a white metal such as sterling, white gold or platinum – but this look can easily be changed by using yellow gold to add warmth to the colour.

The JA added: “Tanzanite is a great gemstone for fashion seekers, gemstone lovers and those that appreciate the beauty of color.”


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