Fragrance jewelry and what it reminds us about safety

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As Dustin Hoffman paid tribute to his family at this year's Toronto Film Festival, there was one thing in particular that really stood out.

The two-time Oscar winner was there to promote Boychoir, in which he plays a stern choirmaster who reluctantly accepts a troubled semi-orphan from Texas into his institution.

But it was Hoffman's bracelet that really caught the eyes – and noses – of reporters. More than just a fashion accessory, this bracelet from his wife Lisa's fine fragrance jewelry line was responsible for the scent of light cologne they could smell as they hit him with questions.

Fragrance jewelry is anything but common, and Lisa Hoffman is by far the highest profile name pushing the concept. Each piece of jewelry in the line includes “refillable fragrance beads” which slowly release the fragrance – and while this idea she labels “perfume without the bottle” is an interesting one, it's certainly not for everyone.

But the bringing together of accessory and cosmetic is part of a daily routine for many of us, and without the safe, two-in-one option being offered here by Mrs Hoffman it's crucial that we understand the risks perfume poses to our jewelry. According to experts at the non-profit Gemological Institute of America, chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, lotions, perfumes, and other cosmetics can permanently damage your favourite pieces – so what can we do to prevent this?

Jewelry care tips

At Chris & Alix we want you to get the most out of your jewelry, so we've prepared a few tips that will help you keep it safe:

  • Put jewelry on after applying cosmetics – Think 'last on, first off'! Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion sometimes contain chemicals that are harmful to jewelry. Waiting at least five minutes after applying perfume and make-up before putting jewelry on will limit exposure to jewelry and make your pieces last longer.

  • Remove jewelry during tasks – Tasks such as kitchen work, gardening and cleaning the house can expose jewelry to chemicals, cleaning fluids and physical damage – so take it off before you get started!

  • Keep jewelry clean – Jewelry can be cleaned with either commercial cleaners from a jeweler or by making a cleaning solution yourself – but be careful! Rubbing alcohol can work wonders, but bleach can literally destroy jewelry so avoid it at all costs. A soft toothbrush, warm water and some light detergent works well on golds and diamonds for example, but there is some jewelry that should never be cleaned at home so look into it carefully before trying any DIY methods.

By taking care of your jewelry, you can enjoy the fusion of scent and shine safely!


(Photograph: Georges Biard / Licence: OTRS)

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