The Difference between lab-grown diamonds and Cubic Zirconia

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What is the Difference between a Lab-Grown diamond and a Cubic Zirconia?

Lab-grown diamonds are exactly that. They are diamonds that have been grown in the lab instead of in nature. Their optical, physical and chemical properties are exactly the same as that of a natural diamond. Even though the name does not lend well to thinking of them as being as romantic as their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamonds have one very positive aspect to them: ethically, they are clean. Because knowing the origin of the stone has become increasingly important to today’s consumers the lab-created aspect is key.

Cubic Zirconia are often confused with lab-created diamonds. However, these shining gems are meant to simulate or “look-like” diamonds but they have a completely different chemical makeup. There are other stones out there that are also diamond simulants but CZs offer a brilliance that closely resembles the "real deal" that other gems don't.  Because of their low cost it is often a good fit for when size maters and budgets are tight.





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