Aquamarine Fun Facts

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Now that March is coming to an end and with it comes the switching over of official birthstones, we thought we would give you a couple of last Aquamarine Fun Facts for this months gem.

Did you know that Aquamarine stones are believed to have certain healing properties?

From its clear blue appearance, it is no surprise that the Aquamarine is said to be a stone closely connected to water. Its healing powers embody the properties of the sea. Just like the ocean, it has a calming and cleansing nature that is said to instill the wearer with the courage for truth, trust and letting go. It encourages good communication and in turn brings peace and harmony to the person carrying it.

In the past Aquamarine was said to be the treasure of Mermaids and was used by sailors as stones of good luck and protection. Today it is still believed to have protective influence when traveling over or being close to water.

A stone with a delicate hue of blue possessing the power of a subtle strength is sure to benefit anyone who wears it.


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