Tips on how to care for your Aquamarine jewelry

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Knowing how to properly care for your jewelry is important for keeping those jewels looking like new and helping their true beauty come out and last a lifetime.

Different stones and metals require different types of care. For March’s stone , the Aquamarine, the care is relatively simple.

For daily care wash with warm soapy water and rinse well. This is the safest method of cleaning any grease or dirt from the stone. Ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning is also generally safe for Aquamarines as they rarely have any fractures or liquid inclusions. If it is one that has inclusions, cleaning with warm soapy water is preferable as the vibrations from the other methods could lead to increased damage or breakage.

Some stones are also susceptible when it comes to heat and light. The color of Aquamarines is stable against light exposure. However, they are sensitive to heat. If an Aquamarine is exposed to heat it could risk changing the hue or color of the stone. In fact, Aquamarines can often be heat treated to improve the icy blue color they are renowned for. Heating it helps remove any green undertones that may be present.

Aquamarines range fairly high on the Moh’s scale coming in at a 7.5-8 in hardness. Even though they are considered to be quite hard, care should still be given to protect them from intense knocks or any materials that may scratch them in order to preserve their luminosity and shine.

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