Storing Your Beautiful Works of Art

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Do you store all of your jewelry in one drawer or all in one box? If so, 
these tips are for you because knowing how to store and organize your jewelry is key!
Proper storage helps keep it clean and secure and will ensure that it keeps its beauty for years to come.
What causes jewelry to tarnish?
It may sometimes seem as though it’s almost impossible to keep your jewelry from 
it.  For sterling jewelry, tarnish can be accelerated 
by sweat and oils from the skin and exposure to air. A simple way to slow the 
tarnishing of your silver jewelry is to wipe it with a clean cloth after wearing it and to store it in a way that minimizes its

exposure to air (something sealed or covered).


We can’t control how our bodies react to certain alloys, so if you are someone whose natural oils accelerates the
tarnishing of jewelry, it may simply require that you clean your jewelry more often.
The DIY method of cleaning sterling jewelry is to scrub it lightly with a soft 
toothbrush, under warm water, using toothpaste. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can 
always buy some anti-tarnish strips that line your drawer. They are non-toxic, safe to use, last 6-24 
Did you know that jewelry needs space? Keeping your jewelry in individual boxes, 
bags, or containers is the best way to store your jewelry. Always make sure pieces 
are dry before you store them and remember that the metal or stones on one jewelry item can scratch the metal or

stones on an other jewelry piece, so make a note to keep them separate.You 

should also always fasten clasps before storing them and hang both bracelets and 
necklaces. When traveling keep jewelry in separate pouches to keep them safe from 
scratches, air exposure, and from getting tangled.
To remove fingerprints, grease, and dirt use a small amount of mild dish 
soap and a ½ cup of warm water. Let jewelry soak for 2-3 minutes, then
rinse and dry.

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