Valentine's Day: The History of the Day of Love<3

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We all know that when February roles around, the stores are decked out with candy, hearts, jewelry and flowers. People make their romantic plans for February 14th, Valentine's Day.


So, how did this day become such a hallmark holiday? We were curious, so we did some research to figure out what Valentines Day really means… and here is what we found:


The name comes from the story of Saint Valentine. One legend tells of St.Valentine being a priest in third century Rome where Emperor Claudius ll set a law that no young men could marry because of his belief that single men fought better in war. St.Valentine did not agree with this and would perform weddings behind the Emperor’s back. In revenge the Emperor sentenced St. Valentine to death.

 Another legends speaks of how St. Valentine was killed for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. Apparently, he sent the first ‘valentine’ from his jail cell when he was caught helping others escape. But whom did he send this special valentine to? The prison officer’s daughter which not surprisingly lead to him being sentenced to death.

 Today, in honor of St. Valentine’s actions we celebrate our loved ones by showering them with gifts. One of the most traditional gifts to give someone on Valentine's Day is jewelry.  Gold or silver, diamonds or gems, jewelry can represent so many things and will definitely bring a smile to that special someone’s face.

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