The Beatles tribute: A Star Studded Event

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Last night the Star Studded tribute to The Beatles on CBS was definitely a show to remember. The who’s who of Hollywood presented a number of different acts in tribute of this great band; a band that influenced fashion and changed the course of music into what it is today.


Throughout all of the acts, we couldn’t help but obsess over the fashion and jewelry that was being worn.



Last night, Katy Perry was one star we had our eye on.  She always has an interesting twist to her outfits and we are always intrigued to see what she will wear.  She manages to show off a different side while fitting in the theme of the events she’s attending.  Last night, she wore beautiful purple gem earrings.  And, what better way to show off these wonderful earrings than with her hair up.  These dangle earrings added an element of "sass" to her outfit.


 Anna Kendrick is an up and coming fashion icon. In the last few years she has risen to fame and we think she is just getting started with looks that will rock our minds. She often wears simpler outfits, but usually decks them out with creative jewelry choices. Last night, she was wearing silver triangle dangle earrings.  As with Katy Perry, she also chose to show them off by wearing her hair up. They gave a groovy look to her outfit, which paired nicely with the evening's event of rock and roll.




Alicia Keys has been a style icon for years, but last night she certainly knocked it out of the park; wearing all black and a tilted hat over one eye, her earrings added  an element of class to her rocked-out outfit.  The earrings were silver with a motif in the center, similar to a dream catcher; definitely a look we are in love with!

Over the years, The Beatles have influenced fashion with their hair styles and with their music. Last night's events was equally a tribute to music as it was to fashion and jewelry.  We will definitely be keeping a close eye on these fashion/music icons; we can't wait to see what these stunning stars have in store for the future!

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