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We always tune in for the red carpet at awards ceremonies to see all the stars flaunting their designer jewelry and dresses. Who cares about the awards, right? For years to come everyone’s going to talk about the "do’s and don’ts" of fashion witnessed on the red carpet. These events help label the fashion trends of the season.

Lea Michele, from the well-known show Glee was spotted on the red carpet of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. her dress had a very busy silver mystic pattern running throughout. How can you top a dress that’s already sexy and booming with jewelry without making it look busy and tacky? I know all of you lovely ladies have bought that dress and said “what jewelry could possibly go with this!’ and it probably drove you mad for hours trying to figure it out. And clearly your boyfriends/spouses were no help! On Lea’s ears she wore earrings that filled her ear lobes. They were black with diamond all over. The earrings twist and curve and defiantly complete the dress. On lea’s right hand, middle finger she wore a big emerald ring. This ring really complemented her outfit by throwing some color into it without ruining her whole ensemble.

At the Golden Globes this year green was a common color. Green has always been something I’ve shyed away from or had a hard time matching with something. But, MAN these girls looked great. Julianne Moore also sported green to add a splash to her black dress, along with Debra Messing and Julianna Marguiles from The Good Wife.

If you’re born in May, this year your birthday stone will be the talk of the town! Embrace the green and flaunt it! Chris&Alix have many pieces which match this common green theme for you lovey May bloomers and everyone else who wants to continue the trend.

So Ladies, if you’re born in May or not flaunt that green jewelry you have stashed away.

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