SWAROVSKI; the name, the quality, the crystal

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A name few can pronounce properly, Swarovski has become the leading producer in the world of crystal.  Anytime a glittery crystal is used the question asked is “Are they Sher-vosky?".

Properly pronounced Swar-off-ski, Swarovski crystals are the highest quality crystal on the market today.  Known for its incredible sparkle few actually know from where Swarovski originates and what makes a Swarovski crystal so special.

Born October 24, 1862, in what is now the Czech Republic, Daniel Swarovski (formerly Daniel Swartz) apprenticed under his father, the owner of a glass factory.  It is through him that Swarovski learned the techniques and skills in glass cutting that led him to invent his later patented electric cutting machine.

In 1895 the company A.Kosmann, Daniel Swartz & Co. was founded in Wattens, Austria (this would later become known as Swarovski, the company we know today).   At that time, Wattens had a good source of hydroelectricity, which was needed for the energy-intensive machine that facilitated the production of crystal glass.

The crystal cutting machine of Swarovski, produces and facets perfectly uniform crystals free of scratches and bubbles and ensures that each facet of every crystal is cut in a way that gives it the highest level of light reflection (similar to the diamond cutting process).

What is the difference between crystal glass and regular glass?

Crystal glass contains a percentage of lead oxide which regular glass does not.  It is this added element that allows for the high levels of light reflection.  It is what brings out the colors and the sparkle that we all so adore in Swarovski elements.

In the U.S glass is considered to be crystal if it contains 1% lead content and in Europe, it must have 4% lead content.  The higher the lead content, the better the quality of crystal.  That is why Swarovski, with its 30% lead content, is considered to be the highest form of machine cut and polished crystal glass in the world.

So call it what you want; Sher-vosky, She-vorski or simply Swarovski there’s just nothing that compares to the quality of its sparkle.-Chris

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