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The evil eye amulet has existed in jewelry for centuries.  Even today,  as some of the trendiest charms or pendants, the evil eye remains a prominent symbol.  But what does it signify?  Where did it come from- and what is it supposed to do?  I have had an evil eye bracelet for years- all I knew was that it was supposed to ward off the evil eye.  But the evil eye of what or of whom I did not know.  Not knowing the full meaning or power behind this charm I did some research and this is what I found.  Hopefully this will shed some light on the subject for many of you who may own an evil eye- but don’t know what it does or what it is for.

It is believed that the evil eye has the power to bestow a curse on anyone who may look at it with any malicious intent, the most common form being that of envy.  The envy that is projected has the power to put a evil spell on you.  That is why it is said that one must be wary of compliments. Infants and children are said to be most susceptible to envious gazes and so it is suggested to pin an evil eye onto your children's clothes.  But adults are affected as well.  An envious gaze or compliment from a friend or stranger who might just like your new shoes could be cause of misfortune.

It was believed that one should be especially suspicious of blue-eyed people as they are most likely to hold the curse of the evil eye.  This is perhaps why most evil eye charms or beads are found to be in a vibrant blue.  (I am not sure how I feel about this fact being a blue-eyed person myself….)

Belief in the evil eye is very strong in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.  However as can be seen in a lot of North American fashion jewelry designs today.

My question is- what happens if by wearing an evil eye pendant or charm one induces unwanted envious gazes from others?…. does one then have to wear two- one to protect the other?

I think that whether you believe in it or not it’s probably best to have one close.

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- Chris

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