Heirloom Jewelry; What's your story?

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I love making custom jewelry! Working with our clients, hearing about their stories and what their particular piece of jewelry will represent to them is the best part of what I do.  What I love about being able to give someone a custom piece of jewelry is that I know that this piece of jewelry will be worn and loved differently from all the other pieces that were bought in a store where they are one out of hundreds or even thousands made just like them.  A personalized custom piece can be passed down through generations, carrying with it the story and the meaning that brought it to life in the first place.

Over the past year we have been getting a lot of requests for custom pieces that have personalized meaning behind them (family symbols, signatures, birthstones etc).  I wonder if the wave of the Royal wedding with Kate wearing those beautiful earrings that were custom made to be a representation of her new Middleton Coat of Arms, will ignite an even bigger spark of custom made pieces.  As jewelry is meant to reflect your personal style and taste why not have it custom made to what you really want?

Almost any piece of jewelry can be reworked to create a new one.  An old brooch passed down through the generations may be beautiful but it is probably outdated and is now sitting in a bank somewhere rather than being worn and enjoyed.  Why not have that very brooch transformed into a beautiful meaningful pendant or ring?  The metal can be melted down and reused, the stones can be reset and the beautiful piece of jewelry can be worn and admired like it is meant to be.

So next time you go through your jewelry box and admire that wonderful brooch of your great grandmother- think twice before putting it back into that dark box.  Is jewelry meant to be hidden away- kept secret from the world- or should it be worn and enjoyed, being admired by everyone around you allowing you to share the story of where it came from. -Chris

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