2011 Wedding Trends Unveiled (literally)

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Watching wedding trends can be a great deal of fun, but it can also be overwhelming.  I have had a good read through wedding sites and bridal blogs and have pared down what seem to be the largest common denominators from all of my reading.

1.  What is old is actually new!

Perhaps influenced by this year’s Royal Wedding or perhaps it is simply a reflection of fashion on a larger scale this year; vintage is in.   Big hitters are vintage patterns and fabrics such as lace, feathers and fascinators for your hair, and brooches for the bouquets.  In fact, veils are getting smaller and actually disappearing and are being replaced by fascinators incorporating feathers, flowers, tulle and lace.  A hot wedding photography trend is the photo booth with props such as vintage sunglasses and old picture frames.  As for locations, backyard and cottage weddings are back in full swing!

2. Go green or go home!

A sign that times are truly changing, green weddings are hotter than ever.  Eco-friendly dresses, invitations, bouquets, lighting, rings, food, wine, favors and honeymoons.

3. A touch of modern never harmed anyone!

Brides are letting some traditional layouts for reception tables and dance floors as well as traditional dresses go by the wayside in order to incorporate a couple modern twists to their weddings.   Ideas include different table sizes and shapes, lounge areas around the dance floor, knee length dresses and dresses that aren’t in white or ivory for the bride, and bridesmaid dresses that are different in color and length.

4. DIY!

A sign that the economy hasn’t quite recovered, but also an important shift to make weddings more personalized; brides are getting down and dirty and picking up any and all Do-It-Yourself projects for their big day.

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