Bridal Jewelry: something old or something new?

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According to The Wedding Channel, 'many couples aim to retain links with the past and their family history [on their wedding day]. You can do this with your wedding jewelry, which has become as important a wedding custom as any other that has evolved over the centuries.  Whether you start your own family tradition by incorporating heirloom jewelry on your special day, or you continue to follow in the footsteps of generations past, 'wearing something old' is definitely an aspect that brides continue to find appealing.

Why do we wear our wedding band on our fourth finger of the left hand?

In 3rd century Greece, the third finger was thought to be connected directly to the heart through the 'vein of love'.  It was in early Rome that a gold band worn on this finger came to symbolize everlasting love and commitment in marriage; often with the design of two clasped hands around the finger.  It was in 860AD that Pope Nicolas decreed the requirement of an engagement ring to express a man's intention to marry a woman; a gold ring given by the prospective husband was to symbolize financial sacrifice he was committed to for his future wife.

Wearing 'something old' on your special day

Incorporating heirloom jewelry into your wedding day can be a wonderful detail that is filled with sentiment, nostalgia and tradition.  The choice can be simple, such as wearing your mother's or grandmother's pearls.  The choice can also be more involved end perhaps even more meaningful, such as re-designing an heirloom pendant or brooch into a beautiful pair of earrings or ring.  The possibilities in the latter case are practically endless.  Breathing new life into heirloom jewelry gives new purpose and life to these pieces; pieces that can be worn and enjoyed on a more regular basis.

So whether your jewelry is your 'something old' or 'something new', there is no doubt that it has a story of its own, waiting to be told as part of your wedding story for years to come. - Alix

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