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Happy Birthday May babies!!

I love the spring.  The buds are starting to bloom on the trees and everything is returning to green.  Truly a time of new growth and rebirth, it is fitting that the birthstone of May is emerald.

The ancient Romans dedicated the emerald to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, for they associated it with fertility and rebirth.  Today the emerald is often associated with patience, understanding and foresight.  Perhaps why it was chosen to be the gift for the 55th wedding anniversary  ; )

As a healing stone, it is said to help people who suffer from problems relating to their eyes, fertility, spine and headaches.  It is also said to help enhance the mental capabilities of the wearer.

Whenever I think of emerald jewelry I think of the famous pair of earrings worn by Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards.  Designed by Lorraine Schwartz these earrings were absolutely breathtaking and the stunning beauty of their vibrant green will not soon be forgotten.

Emeralds, belong to the mineral Beryl, have a hardness of 7.5 and are often treated with oil to improve their clarity and their colour.  Emeralds often contain inclusions making them more susceptible to breakage.  Because of this, one must be careful when wearing an emerald ring or bracelet.  These are pieces of jewelry that will get banged around a lot in wearing them.  I would suggest that if you are buying emerald jewelry for someone as a gift, stick to earrings or necklaces that are better protected when they are worn.

So to all of you May babies - celebrate spring, the coming of summer and the vibrancy of that special green that only pops out at this time of year.  Claim the emerald as your special gem, and make everyone else green with envy : ) -Chris

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