Gifting at the Globes: A Golden Experience?

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Chris & Alix recently featured its jewelry at the DPA Gifting Lounge at l'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills prior to this year's Golden Globe Awards.

What is a Gifting Lounge? Gifting is a high-level marketing opportunity for companies to place their products directly into the hands of the rich, famous and influential.

Gifting events hosted by DPA, in particular, target A-listers and those with 'real' influence in the entertainment industry, from Hollywood and Europe, to Japan and South America. Actors, press, HFPA members, executives, directors and producers; all were present and interested in hearing about and trying out the products featured at this year's DPA Golden Globe 'World Experience'.

Coming from Montreal, and having never participated in nor walked such an event, the potential for opportunity (and disappointment) was boundless. Who was going to attend? Would they allow pictures to be taken with our jewelry? Would the press be interested in a Montreal jewelry company? What do you say to a producer up for a Golden Globe Award? It didn't take long for the DPA team to ease every participant into the groove of gifting and for Chris and Alix to get the hang of taking pictures with those interested in Chris & Alix jewelry. It was only 2 hours into the 3-day event when Chris and Alix agreed that if the event ended at that point and they left to go back to Montreal, it was already worth all the hard work.

Some of our favourite guests include:
Brenda Vaccaro (picked up a freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace) from You Don't Know Jack, co-starring Al Paccino, nominated for best TV mini-series Drama
Matt Weiner (picked up a bib-style necklace for his wife) Executive Producer and nominated for Madmen and producer of the Sopranos
Jennifer Love Hewitt (picked up a pair of Swarovski and Sterling inter-changeable earrings) Nominated for the Client List
Diane Warren (picked up Swarovski crystal and Swarovski pearl bib necklace) Won Golden Globe for Best Original Song, Burlesque
Julia Stiles (picked up a long Swarovski pearl and Sterling necklace)
Ariel Winter (picked up a bib-style necklace to wear at her upcoming movie premiere of the Chaperone) from Modern Family, nominated for Best TV Series Comedy or Musical

Needless to say, this experience was one to be valued and uncommon, allowing Chris & Alix jewelry to shine with the hope of being discovered and treasured; truly a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE!

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