'Novelty' and the Nutcracker

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Def'n NOVELTY: The quality of being new. Although it may be said to have an objective dimension it essentially exists in the subjective perceptions of individuals.

Chris & Alix attended its first official press conference for Le Marché Casse Noisette (the Nutcracker Market), an event which will be held at the Montreal Palais de Congrès from November 25th to December 5th, and the novelty of it was fantastic! The press kits, the decor, the media, the food, the podium, the plasma screen slide show, the guest speakers and the photo sessions were all so exciting...........to us. For the media, it was 'business as usual'. I can imagine how after years in the business the novelty of a press conference wears off, but the difference in perception yesterday between those attending the conference and those covering the conference was astounding. From the perspective of the hosts and the guests, there was no doubt that the topic being addressed was 'novel enough' to get covered in the media either at the 6pm or 11pm news......but it wasn't. That being said, the hosts and the guests all have high hopes that the event will not only be a success, but will pave the path for a holiday tradition in Montreal for years to come.

The press conference, hosted by the Grands Ballets, was given to explain the history, purpose and vision of the Marché Casse Noisette. It's no secret that funding to the arts were cut drastically last year by the federal government, but I was shocked to hear that for the Grands Ballets, this meant a cut of $250,000 in funding for this year alone! Many brainstorming sessions later, their solution was to initiate something that would not only benefit them, but the the arts in Montreal as a whole. The Marché Casse Noisette is a holiday market in its truest sense: it will feature approximately 60 vendors (including Chris & Alix) within a decor that will look and feel like winter holidays.

Stay tuned for more info about the creativity and the diversity of artisans in Montreal that will present their products at Montreal's first Marché Casse Noisette!



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