We now offer beading classes at Chris & Alix!!!

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'I would love to take some beading classes, do you offer any?'

'unfortunately, not yet'

This short conversation has happened so many times, in so many venues and at so many events that we HAD to change our answer........Chris & Alix now offers beading classes out of its studio space in Montreal, in the building Le Chat des Artistes: a building designed to encourage the collaboration of artists to work side by side, to collaborate on events, and to secure space that will not be bought over and converted into condos (a common problem faced by artists)

We moved into this building almost two years ago and absolutely love the camaraderie of the artists on the third floor with us.  Many of our neighbours here offer classes - from hat making to book binding and for some reason we didn't quite 'catch on' at first.  Now, we get it!  Teaching classes, which ironically we both have experience in, is the best way to share both our passion about jewelry and to share the craft of 'creating wearable art' with others.

We offer beading technique classes, weekend classes to work on personal projects (re-stringing, re-designing and creating new jewelry), and private classes.  Classes range from $25-$35, not including materials.  There is a maximum of 6 students per class, so an early deposit is encouraged to save your space.  All are welcome!

For more information, please contact our website Chris & Alix or call us at 514.524.3883

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